Hardware Specifications

What length of a track should I order?

What is the difference between the Classic Strap and Low Profile hardware kits? The hanger design looks the same.

How much extra track length do I need in order to accommodate the door stops? For example: if I need a 6’ track, should I order the 6’ 7” hardware kit so that my doors will go right to the 6’ mark?

What kind of floor guide should I get with my hardware kit? (hint: it's included)

How far apart are the pre-drilled spacer holes on the track?

What is the distance from the wall to the outside face of the door?

Are the hardware kits available in custom sizes?


What can I do if the pre-drilled spacer holes on the track don’t match the studs in my wall?

Can I cut the track (rail)?

Does the hardware kit contain all of the parts I will require to mount my barn doors?

I lost my copy of the installation instructions. Can I download another copy from your website?


When will my hardware kit be delivered?

Do you ship internationally? Do you ship to Canada?

What courier service do you use to ship the hardware?

Where are the hardware kits shipped from?


What is the difference between each of the different models of hardware kits?