ClickCease Bypass Barn Door Hardware FAQs - Rustic Rolling Doors

Bypass Barn Door Hardware FAQs

Hardware Specifications

Q: What length of a track should I order?

A: This is dependent on the amount of clearance you have on at least one side of your doorway. If you want to be able to access your entire doorway, then it is recommended that you order a bypass hardware kit that is at least 3 times longer than the width of one of your doors. For example: if your doors are 3’ (36”) wide, then you need to order a bypass kit that has a 9’ long track. 6’ of track will be above the doorway, with the other 3’ extending to either the left of right. When you need to access your doorway, you can slide both doors to one side and “stack” them on top of each other. If you don’t have any/much clearance on either side of your doorway, then just order the kit with the longest track you will be able to fit for your installation. You won’t be able to access the entire doorway, but at least you will be able to access part of it.

Q: How much extra track length do I need in order to accommodate the door stops? For example: if I need a 6’ track, should I order the 6’ 7” bypass kit so that my doors will go right to the 6’ mark?

A:You do not have to accommodate for the doors stops. The door stops are typically installed several inches in from the end of the track, but the door hangers are also installed several inches from the side of the door. So when your door is in the open position, the edge of the door will be flush with the edge of the track.  Order the length of track you will require for your installation. If you need a 6’ track, then order a 6’ track. 

Q: How far apart are the pre-drilled spacer holes?

A: That is dependent on the length of the track in the hardware kit you are ordering. See the track specifications sheet HERE for spacer hole distances. If the distance between the spacer holes doesn’t match the distance between the studs in your wall, then it is recommended that you first mount a header board to your studs and then mount the bypass kit to your header board. Mounting a header board is always recommended as it adds greater stability to your barn door installation. 

Q: What is the distance from the wall to the outside of the outer bypass door?

A: The distance from the wall to the outside of the outer door is 5-15/16”.

Q: What is the distance from the wall to the inside of the inner door?

A: The distance from the wall to the outside of the inner door is 2-1/4". Therefore the distance from the wall to the inside of the inner door can be calculated using the following formula: (2-1/4") - (thickness of door). For example, if your door is 1-1/2" thick then you will apply the following formula: (2-1/4") - (1-1/2") = 3/4". In this example the distance between the wall and the inside of your inner door is 3/4". 

Q: What thickness of doors can the bypass kit accommodate?

A: The kit is designed for doors between 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 thick. If your doors are less than 1-3/8 thick or greater than 1-3/4, then you will require shorter or longer hex bolts to mount the hanger to your door. If the door is greater than 2” thick, then you will require spacer extensions so that the doors can pass each other. The maximum door thickness is 2-1/2. Spacer extenders and longer/shorter hex bolts can be provided at a surcharge. To order spacer extenders and/or hex bolts click HERE and order the correct option for your door thickness, number of doors and track length. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-997-5085 or send us an email at


Q: Are the bypass kits available in custom sizes?

A: No, they are only available on the sizes listed on the website. We recommend that you order the next size up and then cut down the track to the length you need. It doesn’t compromise the integrity of the track.


Q: What track lengths do you have available?

A: Our bypass hardware kits are available in the following track lengths: 4', 4' 6", 5', 5' 6", 6', 6' 7", 7', 7' 6", 7' 11", 9', 10', 11', 12', 13', 14', 15', 15' 10', 18' and 20'. To select your track length, choose the “Track Length” option, which is found below the price on the product page.


Q: Are the bypass kits available in any other finishes than just Flat Black?

A: No, the bypass kits listed on the website are only available in a Flat Black finish. However, we can do custom bypass kits through a different manufacturer, although they are quite a bit more expensive. If you would like a quote, give us a call at 1-800-997-5085 or send us an email at


Q: The pre-drilled spacer holes on the track don’t match the studs in my wall. What can I do?

A:  Often the studs in your wall won’t be aligned with your doorway in such a way that your studs line up with the bypass hardware kit track. In this case, you will want to mount a header board to the studs above your doorway and then mount the bypass hardware to the header board. This will increase the stability of your barn door hardware installation and allow you to mount your hardware kit anywhere along the header board.


Q: I don't quite have enough clearance above my doorway and below my ceiling. Do I have to have 6-3/4" of clearance?

A: The alternative would be to use a single-track bypass kit, which can be found HERE. The required clearance above the doorway for the Low Profile Single-Track Bypass Kit is 4-5/8". 


Q: Can I cut the track (rail)?

A: Yes, you can cut the track down to the size you need without having it compromise the integrity of the track. You can use any saw that is designed to cut steel, including a hacksaw, reciprocating saw or angle grinder.  

Q: I would like to mount more than 2 doors on my bypass kit track, is that possible?

A: Certainly, in the “Additional Hangers” drop down menu select either the “2 Additional Hangers - 3 Doors” if you need to hang 3 doors and “4 Additional Hangers - Four Doors” if you need to hang 4 doors.

Q: Does the bypass kit contain all of the parts I will require to mount my barn doors?

A: Yes, the only things you will need to provide are the doors and any handles for the doors. All of the other components required to hang your doors are included in the bypass kit.


Q: I lost my copy of the installation instructions. Can I download another copy from your website?

A: Yes, you can find a PDF of the bypass hardware kit installation instructions HERE. The single-track bypass barn door hardware installation instructions can be found HERE.


Q: When will my hardware kit be delivered?

A: Orders are generally processed and shipped within 2 business days of the order date. Courier delivery typically takes 3-4 business days, depending on which region they are being shipped to.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: No, unfortunately we only ship to the continental USA. We do ship to freight forwarding addresses, so you could use a freight forwarding company to ship your hardware kit internationally.


Q: Where are the hardware kits shipped from?

A: Atlanta, Georgia.


Q: What is the difference between the different styles of Bypass kits?

A: With the exception of the Spoke Wheel Bypass Kit, all of the other bypass kits are the same. The only difference is the hanger style, so if you are undecided, choose your bypass kit based on the hanger style you like best.

Q: How much clearance is required above the doorway?A: All of the bypass hardware kits require a clearance of 6-3/4” from the top of the door to the ceiling. The only exception is the Spoke Wheel Bypass Barn Door Hardware kit, which requires 9-7/16” of clearance.

Q: Do you sell a single-track bypass kit?

A: Yes, you can find it HERE.


Q: Which soft close mechanism on your website is compatible with this bypass hardware kit?

A: The compatible soft close mechanism is called “Barn Door Soft Close x 2” on our website and it can be found HERE.

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